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Made in the USA

Candle sleeves are
stained by hand.

Bulbs are hand dipped.

Each order is individually assembled with care by
Creative Hands in Plover, WI.


About Vickie Jean's Creations

Vickie Jean's Creations is a wholesale manufacturer and designer of country home decor, specializing in the creation of silicone dipped light bulbs. Vickie Jean started Vickie Jean's Creations in her kitchen in 1993 creating clear silicone dipped light bulbs. 2 years later the bulbs evolved with color and 2 years after that she added country scents to the recipe.

After recognizing domestic and international interest Vickie Jean's Creations has substantially grown. She now employs a staff of over 20 employees with diverse backgrounds. All employees are local to the Stevens Point / Plover,
Wisconsin area.

Vickie Jean also gives work opportunities to those with disabilities through the Community Industries Corporation.

For more information, contact us at vickie_jeans@tznet.com or
toll free at (800) 771-2320.


New Creations!

Inner Glow Star Bulbs

Showers Bulbs


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